The CardSharing server is a method of allowing multiple clients to access subscription television network server that gives you the best channels and packages in europe and without exception in a single subscription, including HDTV, sports, movies, documentaries

Price :


Satellite Package Monthly price
(annual subscription)
Monthly price
(monthly subscription)
Additional Information Free Test
13E Al Jazeera Sport (JSC) 13E 1.60$ 2.00$ arabic (JSC Sports 1-8 HB 13E) Get free test
13E BIS France 13E 2.40$ 3.00$ french (ultimate package) Get free test
1W Canal Digital Nordic HD 1W (fin) 4.00$ 5.00$ finnish (package VIIHDE HD + MTV3) Get free test
13E Cyfra+ HD 13E 4.00$ 5.00$ polish Get free test
19E HD Plus (Deutschland) 19E 0.80$ 1.00$ german Get free test
5E Канал Украина, Футбол Украина 5E 0.80$ 1.00$ ukrainian
85E Континент ТВ (Телекарта) 85E 1.60$ 2.00$ russian (mpeg2 only)
19E MTV (Viacom ) 19E 0.80$ 1.00$ english
36E НТВ+ (Россия и Украина) HD + Триколор 36E(новые порты) 3.20$ 4.00$ russian Полный пакет НТВ+ HD Россия и Украина + бонус Кинорейсы и пакет ТриколорТВ
36E НТВ+ (Россия и Украина) HD + Триколор 36E 3.20$ 4.00$ russian Полный пакет НТВ+ HD Россия и Украина + бонус Кинорейсы и пакет ТриколорТВ Get free test
5E НТВ Мир 5E 0.80$ 1.00$ russian
19E ORF 19E 0.80$ 1.00$ german
13E Polsat Cyfrowy HD 13E 3.20$ 4.00$ polish Get free test
13E Platforma N 13E 4.00$ 5.00$ polish (without Cinemax) Get free test
75E Радуга ТВ 75E 1.60$ 2.00$ russian Get free test
60E Рикор ТВ HD 60E 2.40$ 3.00$ russian Get free test
13E RTVi 13E 1.60$ 2.00$ russian
23E Satellite BG HD 23E 2.40$ 3.00$ bulgarian (without porno) Get free test
19E Sky Deutschland HD 19E 4.80$ 6.00$ german
dual-login is not working with the package
Get free test
13E Sky Italia HD 13E 6.40$ 8.00$ italian (Calcio + Sport + Cinema). Dual-login is not working with the package Get free test
28E Sky UK HD + ViewAsia + ZeeTV + Geo + ESPN 28E 6.40$ 8.00$ english. Dual-login is not working with the package Get free test
23E SkyLink HD 23E 4.00$ 5.00$ czech slovak Get free test
13E SRG Swiss13E 1.60$ 2.00$ swiss (without HD)
36E Триколор ТВ + MPEG4 36E (без HD) 0.80$ 1.00$ russian (without HD) Get free test
19E UPC Direct HD (cz,sk,hu) 1W 4.00$ 5.00$ czech slovak hungarian english Get free test
5E Viasat Baltic 3.20$ 4.00$ russian latvian lithuanian estonian Get free test
5E Viasat Nordic 5E (fin) 3.20$ 4.00$ finnish norwegian danish swedish Get free test
75E Viasat (GTSS) 75E 0.80$ 1.00$ russian
VIP Astra 8.00$ 10.00$
VIP Czech 6.40$ 8.00$
VIP Eurosib 8.00$ 10.00$
VIP Germany 8.00$ 10.00$
VIP Holland 7.20$ 9.00$
VIP HotBird 8.00$ 10.00$
VIP Poland 9.60$ 12.00$
VIP Russia 8.00$ 10.00$
VIP LITE ! 10.80$ 13.50$
VIP ALL !!! (ALL PACKAGES) 14.40$ 18.00$

Speed : 100Mbit/s

Payment : Accept payments via Visa Mastercard ,ukash voucher  , webmoney

Customer Support : Exellent ( by email )

Packages :

Akta Satelit (MaxTV) 5E, Al Jazeera Sport 1,2,3,..8 (JSC) 13E, Arena 19E, ART (Arabesque) 13E, BIS France 13E, Canal Digital Nordic HD 1W, Canal Digitaal Sat 19E, Canal Sat France 19E, Club Prive TV 1 13E, CS Link 23E, Cyfra+ HD 13E, Digi TV 1W, Digital + Spain 19E, DigitAlb 16E, DigiTurk 7E & 42E, HD Plus (Deutschland) 19E, ICTV 4W, Канал Украина, Футбол Украина 5E, Континент ТВ (MPEG2) 85E + Viva TV 80Е, MTV (Viacom ) 19E, НТВ+ (Россия и Украина) HD + Триколор 36E, НТВ+ Восток 56E, НТВ Мир 5E, Nova Greece 13E, Polsat Cyfrowy + HD* 13E, Private Spice 1 () 13E, Поверхность + 36E, Радуга ТВ 75E, Red Hot Sex 4 () 13E, Red Light & FreeX TV 5 () 13E, RTVi 13E, Satisfaction TV () 13E, Sky Deutschland HD 19E, Sky Italy 13E, Sky UK HD + ViewAsia 28E, SkyLink HD 23E, SRG Swiss + HD 13E, Total TV (ITV Partner) 16E, Триколор ТВ 36E, TV Cabo 30W, TV Vlaanderen 19E, UPC Direct HD (cz) 19E & 1W, Viasat Baltic + Первый Балтийский канал 5E , Viasat Nordic 5E, Viasat (GTSS) 75E, Sky Italia 13E, ZEE TV, Poverkhnost TV 36E, Orbit 25E Showtime 7W, D-Smart 42E, Telewizja na Karte 13E, NepaliTV 9E, VIP Astra, VIP Czech, VIP Eurosib, VIP Germany, VIP Holland, VIP HotBird, VIP Porno, VIP Russia, VIP LITE, VIP ALL !!! (ALL PACKAGES) in newcamd525 and camd3 protocols, form 1$ to 18$ (for all packages) per month